Tire Go 608

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Experience faster, smarter TPMS repair with our high-powered TPMS relearn tool, compatible with 99% of cars globally. This comprehensive device is your all-in-one solution, capable of activating all known OE sensors, programming MX sensors, and providing onboard relearn procedures. It's an exceptional asset for DIY enthusiasts owning multiple cars and mechanics operating in small workshops, aiming to elevate their service quality and business efficiency.

Versatile Programming Options

Our TPMS Programming Tool offers three flexible programming methods to suit your needs:

  1. Copy by Activation: Easily activate the damaged sensor, capture its ID, and proceed with programming.
  2. Copy by Manual Input: Directly input the old sensor ID into a new MX sensor for seamless transition.
  3. Automatic Creation: Generate and program up to 16 sensor IDs, exclusively for MX sensors, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Efficient Relearn Processes

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the tool displays a Relearn guide offering step-by-step instructions. This feature simplifies the relearning process, helping you integrate new sensor IDs into your vehicle’s ECU effortlessly. It resolves common issues like persistent TPMS error lights post sensor replacement by facilitating necessary relearning for OEM and aftermarket sensors.

Rapid TPMS Activation and Monitoring

Activate all renowned OEM/Universal TPMS sensors in just one second and swiftly diagnose the problem without the hassle of removing all tires. This TPMS tool not only resets but also monitors tire health, providing real-time data on pressure, temperature, battery condition, and more, ensuring your vehicle's tire integrity and safety.

Lifetime Updates with No Extra Cost

Our TPMS tool guarantees a lifetime of free updates, giving you access to new car model support, bug fixes, and enhanced user experience without any additional charges. With the Review Data function, you can view, print, and save recent sensor test data for comprehensive analysis. Enjoy a premium viewing experience on the full-color screen and navigate through the smooth operating system with ease.

Elevate your TPMS maintenance and monitoring with our robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective TPMS Programming and Relearn Tool.

Key Features:

  • Read and Activate All Known Sensors
  • Provides on-tool relearn procedure for every TPMS equipped U.S., Asian and European vehicle (Without OBD diagnostic interface, tire pressure learning of some vehicles requires a diagnostics scanner)
  • Display Vehicle-Specific Relearn Procedures
  • Key Fob Signal Test
  • FREE Lifetime Software Update
  • Display Sensor ID, Battery Condition (on select sensors) and Psi
  • 2.3" Color Display 320x240
  • Free Software Updates via PC
  • 3200mAh Battery for Extended Usage

      Product Specs:

      Display: TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
      Power: 3.7 V Li-polymer battery (3200mAh)
      Dimensions: 215 mm * 105 mm * 37 mm(8.46” * 4.13” *1.46”)
      Weight: 0.38 kg (0.84 lbs.)

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