APB112 Smart Key Simulator, Ignition Cold Data Collector, Key Chip Decoding, Works with IM1 & IM2 Key Programming Tools

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OTOFIX APB112 Smart Key Programmer Accessory

Unlock the full potential of your OTOFIX IM2 or IM1 Key Programmer with the OTOFIX APB112, the latest advancement in key programming technology for 2023. Designed exclusively to complement your OTOFIX key fob programming tool, the APB112 connects seamlessly via the included USB cable, ensuring a perfect match for your specific vehicle needs.

Advanced Ignition Analysis and Key Decoding Dive into the heart of your vehicle's ignition system with the APB112's ability to gather crucial data directly from the ignition coil, aiding in the diagnosis and rectification of ignition-related issues. Elevate your key programming with enhanced key chip decoding capabilities, promoting flawless communication with the vehicle's IMMO system for a streamlined and error-free operation.

Precision Data Gathering and Chip Simulation The APB112 excels in collecting intricate data from 46 and 4D chips, skillfully calculating the 46 smart key password, and emulating the 46 chip to ensure comprehensive key programming and vehicle diagnostics. Its precise data acquisition is instrumental in successfully programming new keys, making it an indispensable tool for automotive professionals.

Smart Key Emulator for Toyota Vehicles In situations where the original key is lost, the APB112 acts as a lifesaver with its Smart Key Emulator feature, specifically tailored for Toyota vehicles (4D 94/D4, 98, and Toyota H 88/A8, A9, 30) in All Keys Lost (AKL) scenarios. 

Upgrade your automotive key programming capabilities with the OTOFIX APB112 – your reliable partner for advanced key programming and diagnostics.

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